Overcoming my graduation

My coast to coast ride in the US has led to a transatlantic interview with Brian Drury, who has had a great idea to set up a blog www.overcominggraduation.com. That’s all about helping young graduates find their own way in life.

Pretty impressive to listen to your own life story spiced up with some American awesomeness!

By which I mean that like everybody else I had my doubts -lots of them in fact-, faced dark moments and of most of all gave in to temptations instead of getting on my bike or getting other work done more often than I liked.

But if you put the highlights in a row it al sounds rather cool!

And in his unique way Brian draws some valuable lessons from it too……..

Make sure you visit Brians blog!

In todays interview we will talk about:

– How Floris overcame the loss of his father right at his college graduation

– What is was like biking across country to raise money for War Child, an organization that helps to give children in war torn countries back their childhood and innocence

– How biking the l’Alpe d’Huez in France 8 times completely changed Floris’ life and how he viewed challenges from that day forward

– How sharing your dreams opens doors to help them come true

– Working in Student Affairs, as a Molecular Pharmacologist, a Journalist, and working at the Dutch Cancer Society as an Internet Editor

– Floris’ reaction when the doctors told him he may never ride a bike again after a serious injury

– The importance of rest and recovery in any training regimen

– How all the parts of your brain connected to your senses are activated during endurance events and what you will experience in these moments

– How young you feel has nothing to do with your age

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